To access Hulu Live Press button with house (circled in red in the picture below).

Once you press the house button, look at the TV and you should see different apps like Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus

Scroll right or left with the arrow buttons to Select Hulu

Click Hulu using the enter/OK button (circled in red in the picture below)

Once Hulu loads, you may have to select your apartment number and click OK

At the top of TV screen it will have all categories at top……Search 🔍, Home, Live, TV, Movies, Sports

Click on the category you want.

When u watch “Live TV” to see the guide (all tv stations) press the DOWN ARROW button. This is how to view all stations by pressing the down button. Once you see the guide use the left arrow button and click on “All channels”. By selecting All Channels, this will have everything that comes on TV and it’s in alphabetical order.

If you do not use the arrow to go to the left the stations that populate are the “Recent” watched stations.

When you are trying to find something to watch use the search button on top of TV screen (looks like  🔍) to look for anything like a certain network station or a certain show.

Use the back button to go to previous screen and to get out of live TV. You might have to press the back button twice but do wait 3-5 seconds between each time you press the back button as it takes a few seconds to go back to previous screen

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